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Getting Started

Purpose of this package

The goal of this package is to make it easy to work with FileMaker data when building a custom webviewer integration. fm-webviewer-fetch works only inside of webviewer and allows you to interact with your FileMaker solution via local scripts.

For web-based applications where you're looking to interact with the Data API, check out the @proofgeist/fmdapi package instead.


This package works with any Javascript framework or no framework at all, but you'll probably need a build system to help you deploy the code into your FileMaker solution. If you're just getting started, check out the Javascript Development Environment for FileMaker.

Keep in mind that you can use this packaged to code deployed to a hosted website as well, as long as FileMaker loads that website into a webviewer.


Install via your favorite package manager

npm install @proofgeist/fm-webviewer-fetch
yarn add @proofgeist/fm-webviewer-fetch

then import into your project

import { fmFetch } from '@proofgeist/fm-webviewer-fetch'