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Using callFMScript

If you want to simply call a FileMaker script and you don't need any data back, you can use the callFMScript helper function.

import { callFMScript } from "@proofgeist/fm-webviewer-fetch"

Then call the function like so

callFMScript("scriptName", { param1: "value1", param2: "value2" })

The script parameter is passed as the second parameter and can be a JSON object or a string. The parameter will automatically be stringified on its way to FileMaker.

Calling Script with Options‚Äč

You can optionally pass a third parameter to specify how the script should run. The options are:

  • Continue
  • Halt
  • Exit
  • Resume
  • Pause
  • Suspend and Resume

As a helper method, you can import these values from the package and reference them by name:

import { callFMScript, FMScriptOption } from "@proofgeist/fm-webviewer-fetch"

FMScriptOption.CONTINUE // 0
FMScriptOption.HALT // 1
// etc...

callFMScript("scriptName", {}, FMScriptOption.RESUME)

See the Claris documentation for more details about each option.