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Upgrading from v1

Version 2.0 has a few breaking changes, but upgrading is easy.

New package name

The package has moved from fm-webviewer-fetch to @proofgeist/fm-webviewer-fetch. If you are using the old package name, you will need to remove it and install the new package.

Changed fetch to fmFetch

The fetch function has been renamed to fmFetch to avoid conflicts with the native browser fetch function. If you are using the old fetch function, simply rename it to fmFetch in your import statement, or choose another name if you prefer.

// for backwards compatibility with existing code
import { fmFetch as fetch } from '@proofgeist/fm-webviewer-fetch'

Deprecated callFmScriptWithOption

You can now use the callFMScript function with or without an option as the 3rd parameter.

// old way
import { callFMScriptWithOption } from 'fm-webviewer-fetch'
callFMScriptWithOption('scriptName', 'scriptParam', 3)

// new way
import { callFMScript, FMScriptOption } from '@proofgeist/fm-webviewer-fetch'
callFMScript('scriptName', 'scriptParam', FMScriptOption.RESUME)

Note that the old function will still work, but may be removed in a future release.